At TotalCloud, we’ve been enabling workflow-based cloud management for AWS to make it intuitive, accelerated and no-code. Instead of programming cloud management use cases or depending on siloed solutions, we built out a platform that gives you building blocks to assemble any cloud management solution.

We’ve helped our users minimize their cloud costs, deal with their SLAs without any delay in error management, maximize operational efficiency through automation, and have access to any use case they need.

Dealing with complexity

In addition to the basic cloud management functions, we’ve created no-code templates to deploy a 3-tier application in minutes, to…

The continued expansion of cloud technology demands businesses to migrate to the cloud and adopt various services. The IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing research shows that at least one application in the cloud is present for 70% of companies. 56% are strategizing cloud hosting of their IT operations.

Those of us working or studying in this sphere of technology will naturally gravitate towards the people that can expound the wisdom necessary for us to know. They keep us informed, updated, and alert, and so we follow them on various platforms. It’s important to follow these individuals so that you remain in…

What is Kubernetes Scheduling?

When creating a Kubernetes cluster, scheduling the pod to an available node is an important component of the process. This component works under specific rules and technicalities that I’d like to explore in this article. Understanding this can help you increase your cluster deployment rate and quality.

What Happens When You Create a Pod On a Kubernetes Cluster?

The Pod will be executed in a matter of seconds but a lot of things are going on in the background as this happens.

  • While scanning the API server (which it is continuously doing), the Kubernetes Scheduler detects that there is a new Pod without a nodeName parameter. …

Kubernetes is a Container-as-a-Service with tons of unique tools to choose from. External tools play a role in integrating with different systems or maintaining control over the clusters you deploy. Manual health checks and troubleshooting is not ideal to keep a system in full health.

This list of tools will provide ample support to your containers and have enough configuration to leave management flexible.

CLI Tools


Kubectl is a default CLI tool provided for Kubernetes. The tool allows various Kubernetes operations to be executed from the command line. Kubectl detects nodes and clusters with the config file in the $HOME directory. kubectl…

Companies that have jumped the gun with cloud migration during this time of crisis have committed a fatal mistake. The knowledge gap among businesses that seek to migrate is often underestimated, leading to devastating expenditures and operational inefficiencies. The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for companies to opt for cloud migration. If you belong to such a group, you should read further to better prepare.

It might be tempting to start with the most popular platform out there to avoid hours of research but I say that would cause problems for you in the future. …

CloudFormation is the gateway to Infrastructure-as-code for AWS users. Plenty of AWS services are supported by CF and therefore you get a good set of templates to build an infrastructure on. This is greatly beneficial to anyone who wants to set up a reproducible staging environment or test environment. It gives you the ability to tear down and rebuild infrastructures based on their activity. The templates are available to be adopted or authored in JSON/YAML format.

It has seen an increased adoption among cloud users, because of its ease-of-use. In a sense, CloudFormation takes the responsibility of handling the many…

Jira Triggered Cloud Management

What if cloud management were as easy as raising a JIRA ticket? Almost every DevOps team uses JIRA as a standard means of issue tracking & task management. It’s a given that it would be a seamless process if you could also integrate your cloud processes with it. We’ve seen a ton of our customers prefer using an integrated approach to their cloud & workflows.

Normally, once a ticket is raised with any issue, an engineer is manually assigned to resolve that task — but what if you could have a virtual DevOps engineer instead? He’d mimic the exact process…

Ever since the dawn of the cloud, management has mostly been a hassle — DevOps teams have relegated to scripting most of their use cases or using a bunch of siloed tools. Scripting doesn’t end at writing the code — you’ve to go through the cycle of testing, debugging, deploying, and constantly maintaining it — and keep track of every piece of code you’ve written.

When you have a complex use case you need to achieve, it becomes difficult to tackle by programming, often taking you months to develop a solution. They rarely become a standard means of operation even…

Amazon’s S3 has been a popular storage service for many years. One of its sought out features is the storage tiers allow you to move data over. Different tiers come with different benefits. We’ll be looking at two such tiers that we know as S3 standard and S3 Glacier.

Moving data from standard to Glacier is common practice. For one, Glacier is the cheapest storage tier available and two, it’s the best archiving solution.

Glacier is used to store away data that you aren’t in any immediate need of. So let’s say you’ve got older records of customers or patients…

So you’re planning to set up your own 3-tier application on your AWS cloud infrastructure. This is where your operations are going to be running. With the options you have now, you’d either manually code it or provision it using the AWS CLI, or you’d write out a CloudFormation or Terraform script.

Needless to say, the manual method is not only tedious but chaotic, time-consuming & prone to errors. You’re not just programmatically scripting the requirements and configuring multiple services independently, but spending time testing them, fixing bugs and then deploying it. …

TotalCloud helps cloud engineers indulge in no-code AWS automation. We enable engineers to go script-less, saving more than 95% of engineering time.

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