New In: No-code cloud management workflows for Azure, VMware & Private Cloud (in addition to AWS)

  • Asset discovery & inventory management — View all your cloud resources and assets across all accounts in a single place, along with their characteristics & details.
  • Reporting, monitoring & insights — Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your resources. Access CPU, disk, and memory utilization data & reports and enable intelligent diagnostics. You can also generate security & compliance reports and access performance insights.
  • Automation & actions on your cloud — All your cloud processes and actions can be automated based on a specific trigger — whether its routine tasks like backups, or complex automation like deployment & provisioning.
  • Auto-remediation (most popular) — Event-based remediation to fix any performance or security issues in real-time, without any manual intervention.



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TotalCloud helps cloud engineers indulge in no-code AWS automation. We enable engineers to go script-less, saving more than 95% of engineering time.